Magazine covers of Tyrone Power stories inside
 Magazine covers of Tyrone Power stories inside

July 1937
"They Carry the Torch for Tyrone"

July 1937
"A Real Day w/ Tyrone Power"

August 1937
"The Life Story of a Problem Child"

October 1937
"Tyrone's Mother Sizes Up His Girls"

November 1937
"Tyrone Power Would Like to Marry, But.."

November 1937
"Hidden Drama Behind the TP Don Ameche Friendship"

November 1937
"Tyrone Power's Bachelor Guide to Hollywood"

January 1938
"How Tyrone Power Stole the Lonely Heart of J.Gaynor"

June 1938
"How I Raised Tyrone Power"

February 1938
"The Life Story of" Tyrone Power"

March 1938
"Whom Will Tyrone Power Marry"

August 1938
"The Real Story of Norma Shearer's Dramatic Comeback"
By Tyrone Power

October 1938
"Noah Never Thought of That"

November 1938
"Glamour Boy-- with Tradition"

January 1939
"Tyrone Power's [Jesse James]Location Diary"
By Tyrone Power

March 1939
"Tyrone Power's Own Story of his South American Trip"
By Tyrone Power

March 1939
"Rendezvous in Rio"

June 1939
"Tyrone Power Plans Marriage"

August 1939
"Tyrone Power's Escapes From Hollywood"

September 23,'39
"Life Story of Tyrone Power"

October 1939
"Tyrone Power's Most Daring Role"

October 1939
"How Tyrone Power & Annabella Stay Romantic Though Married"

October 1939
"The Lovesick Boy Whose Marriage Defies all Hollywood"

November 1939
"Family Secrets About Ty Power from his Sister, Ann"

February 1940
"Is Tyrone Just a Tyro?"

March 1940
"My Son, Tyrone Power"
By Patia Power

April 1940
"Don, Ty and Alice"

June 1940
"The Duke & the Duchess"

December 1940
"LOOK Calls on Mr. & Mrs. Tyrone Power"

June 1941
"Tyrone Power Shatters the Valentino Myth w/ "Blood & Sand"

June 1941
"Asailin' w/ Annie & Ty"

September 1941
[Pictorial Feature "A Yank in the R.A.F."

September 1941
"The Powers at Home"

November 1941
"Tyrone Power's Dangerous Adventure"

Spring 1942

June 1942
"Have You Love Insurance?"

April 1943
"Tyrone Power's Experiences in Marine Boot Camp"

June 1943
"The Private Life of PrivateTyrone Power"

Spring 1944

January 1944
"Ty was 18 when he got to Hollywood.."

May 1944
"High-Flying Ty"

July 1944
"Hollywood's War Wings"

March 1945
"Always Goodbye"

August 1946
"Ty Power's Rules for a Happy Marriage

August 1946
"This Is What I Believe" By Tyrone Power

October 1946
"The Heart Plays Tricks"

December 1946
"The Inner Power"

February 1947
"Tyrone Power in Latin America"

April 1947
"The Untold Story of Tyrone Power"

August 1947

November 1947
"Hollywood's 10 Most Exciting Women [Annabella]"

December 1947
"Try and Stop Me"
By Henry King

December 1947
"Close-up of Tyrone Power" By Cesar Romero

March 1948

October 1948
"This is Myself" By Tyrone Power

April 1949
"To Ty's Taste"

April 1949
"Love Finds a Way"

May 1949
"One Foot From Eternity" By Tyrone Power

May 1949
"Alone at Last!"

May 1949
[Report on Power/Christian Wedding

January 1955
"Ty & Linda Call it Quits”

February 1959
"Will Tyrone Power's Last Prayer be Answered?"

August 1979
"The Last Days of Tyrone Power"