Actress Linda Christian  once  married to matinee idol Tyrone Power and painted by the master Diego Rivera.

Linda Christian Power, considered one of the worlds most sensuous women of her time,  attracted the eyes of Tyrone Power, Diego Rivera and the world. Tyrone Power  married Linda in Rome with more then 10,000 onlookers . Diego Rivera painted her and as a thank you he asked her what he could do to please her and how she would like to be painted. Linda's request was  to study Diego's  technique, being an artist herself, and be painted in a forest of orchids. He said he had never painted anything like that before, lilies were his trademark, but for her he would do anything. Diego  gave her the painting and the right to do with it what she wished. This amazing painting of the exotic beauty  is now hanging in  a private collection in Mexico. She was once offered $2,000,000.00 for it. The only other time it has been seen publicly is on the cover of her Autobiography.

Diego Rivera 's original painting of Linda Christian featured on the cover of  her Autobiography

Linda Christian Power 's interpretation on canvas of Diego Rivera 's painting of her entitled "Springtime"

Painted by Diego Rivera

Painted by Linda Christian

Diego Rivera sits between Linda and her mother

at the unveiling of Diego's life sized painting of Linda at Hotel Reforma in Mexico city. The other two gentlemen are with the media

Considered one of the worlds most seductive women, Linda Christian captured the eyes, hearts and imagination of so many accomplished artists. She being an artist herself studied their techniques as they worked to trap her sensuous beauty in timeless pieces of art.

Tyrone Power married  Linda in Rome, Italy and theirs was dubbed "The Wedding of the Century." It drew over 10,000 spectators. During that time span, Linda and Tyrone had two children, Romina  Power and Taryn Power. Both became actresses at young ages. Romina married Albano and has had a very successful musical and television career as well as being an accomplished painter and writer and she is currently directing a movie .

Siquerios painting Linda

Linda Christian painting

Linda Christian

Linda Christian Power / Linda Welter

Filmography as: Actress an worldwide, who spoke 6 languages

Actress - filmography

  1. 1.Cambiamento d'aria (1988) (TV)

  2. 2.Delitti (1987)

  3. 3.Nel sole (1967) .... Laura Vivaldi
    ... aka World's Gold, The (1967) (International: English title)

  4. 4.Bel Ami 2000 oder Wie verführt man einen Playboy? (1966) .... Lucy's Mother
    ... aka 100 ragazze per un playboy (1967) (Italy)
    ... aka How to Seduce a Playboy (1968) (USA)

  5. 5.10.32 (1966) .... Ellen Martens
    ... aka 10:32 in the Morning (1966) (International: English title)
    ... aka Murder in Amsterdam (1966) (UK)

  6. 6.Momento della verità, Il (1965)
    ... aka Moment of Truth, The (1965)
    ... aka Momento de la verdad, El (1965) (Spain)

  7. 7.Beauty Jungle, The (1964) .... 'Rose of England' Judge
    ... aka Contest Girl (1966) (USA)

  8. 8....e la donna creò l'uomo (1964) .... Minelli
    ... aka Full Hearts and Empty Pockets (1964) (USA)
    ... aka Volles Herz und leere Taschen (1964) (West Germany)

  9. 9.V.I.P.s, The (1963) .... Miriam Marshall... aka International Hotel (1963)

  10. 10.Devil's Hand, The (1962) .... Bianca Milan
    ... aka Devil's Doll (1962)
    ... aka Live to Love (1962)
    ... aka Naked Goddess, The (1962)

  11. 11.Lasciapassare per il morto (1962)
    ... aka Passport for a Corpse (1962) (USA)

  12. 12.Appuntamento a Ischia (1960)

  13. 13.Große Wunschkonzert, Das (1960)
    ... aka Big Request Concert (1960)

  14. 14.Peter Voss, der Held des Tages (1959) .... Grace McNaughty
    ... aka Meet Peter Voss (1959) (USA)
    ... aka Peter Voss, Hero of the Day (1959) (International: English title)

  15. 15.Abschied von den Wolken (1959) .... Gräfin Colmar
    ... aka Abschied der Götter (1959) (West Germany)
    ... aka Angst im Nacken (1959)
    ... aka Rebel Flight to Cuba (1959) (USA)

  16. 16.House of the Seven Hawks, The (1959) .... Elsa

  17. 17.Thunderstorm (1956) .... Maria Ramon

  18. 18.Tormenta (1955)

  19. 19.Athena (1954) .... Beth Hallson

  20. 20.Slaves of Babylon (1953) .... Princess Panthea

  21. 21.Happy Time, The (1952) .... Mignonette Chappuis

  22. 22.Battle Zone (1952) .... Jeanne

  23. 23.Show Boat (1951) (uncredited) .... Chorus girl

  24. 24.Tarzan and the Mermaids (1948) .... Mara

  25. 25.Green Dolphin Street (1947) .... HinMoa

  26. 26.Holiday in Mexico (1946) (uncredited) .... Angel

  27. 27.Club Havana (1945) (uncredited) .... Cigarette Girl

  28. 28.Up in Arms (1944) (uncredited) .... Goldwyn Girl

  29. 29.Peñón de las Ánimas, El (1943) (as Linda Welter)
    ... aka Rock of Souls, The (1944) (USA)

Notable TV Guest Appearances

  1. 1."Dick Powell Show, The" (1961) playing "Susan Lane" in episode: "The Last of the Private Eyes" (episode # 2.30) 30 April 1963

  2. 2."Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The" (1962) playing "Eva Ashley" in episode: "An Out for Oscar" (episode # 1.26) 5 April 1963

  3. 3."Climax!" (1954) playing "Valerie Mathis" in episode: "Casino Royale" (episode # 1.3) 21 October

Linda Christian as 

the first Bond Girl